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The world goes on

The world goes on

Or a short story of how one cannot create the current state but can still spin it to your advantage.

March was slowly coming to an end; nature was waking up timidly due to the cold, indecisive spring weather. The people spent their time obsessively tracking news via various platforms about the near-apocalyptic CoViD – 19 virus. We all fell into somewhat of a minimalistic trance. It’s perfectly understandable— we were bombed with frightening information left, right, and centre. We were told the world would never be the same again. Various media outlets were competing at who will sport the most outrageous headline. But just like everything in recent history, it was just an attempt of making the impression that the world stopped spinning. Luckily, the world did not end, the world went on.

While saving the world by sitting at home, a lot of people felt this is not a time for a change, especially not a significant change. But I thought the world would get back on track sooner or later. So I started thinking about new challenges. You know how it is when starting something new. A lot of time goes into thinking, fine-tuning ideas, and preparation. This was when the phone rang. It was Samo, the owner of Owen Carbon, manufacturing carbon parts for motorcycles for decades. We’ve met earlier in my career when I was working as a BMW car salesman, and Samo wanted a car upgrade.

He came to me with a different idea this time. He was looking for someone with experience and passion to start working on re-vamping his webpage www.owen-carbon.com and online store. After our phone conversation, which took well over 30 minutes, I understood what he was looking for. We agreed to meet in his workshop, located near Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana. My first impression of the place told me this is not an ordinary workshop but a place where something unique is being made. I was surprised by how neat and organized the workshop is – all the carbon parts are categorized and placed with military precision. Picking up the first peace instantly tells you it’s made at the highest quality. Everything is precise and flawless because Samo would never settle for anything less. Every single piece is treated as unique and not just a part from a production line.

After an inspiring and exciting tour of the entire workshop, Samo took me to the back room, where he keeps his pet projects. Racing motorcycles! Although Samo doesn’t race anymore, the place still looks as If he’s getting ready for an upcoming competition – tools and accessories, spare parts, tyres, wheels, and of course racing motorcycles with crazy horsepower. Inexperienced cyclists would only look at this scene in awe.

But we weren’t done yet! There’s a new structure just across the driveway – this will soon become a workshop. A new, modern lacquering station will be located on the ground floor, and a carbon processing station will be on the first floor. The whole place shows Samo keeps on going forward.